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St. Martin Parish

Church of St. Martin
Church of St. Martin

Šmartno pri Litiji Parish Office
T: (+386) 01/8987-391

In the middle of the town square where the mighty neogothic church stands, once stood the old parish church dedicated to St. Martin. It was presumably built in the second half of the 15th century. Having become too small, it was pulled down in 1899, and a new church began to be built in its stead. The construction was supervised by Ivan Lavrenčič, the parish priest and dean in Šmartno. In just two years, on 15th September 1901, the new church was consecrated.

The veneration of St. Martin was spread in our country between the 7th and 10th centuries, and our oldest churches dedicated to this saint were built in that period. Šmartno was named after the church of St. Martin, which was built, as the legend goes, in the very place where a group of Šmartno miners who had been buried in the mine dug their way to the surface on 11th November, St. Martin’s name day. The first historical source that mentions a place with that name, though unverified, is a church document from 1135, when the patriarch of Aquileia supposedly appointed one of his vicars to Šmartno. The church land south of the Drava River had been the property of the patriarch of Aquileia until 811, and the pre-parishes had been its core. The land around the church with the christening and burial rights belonged to the pre-parishes, and not as yet to the already existent parish. The vicariates indicated the division of the pre-parishes into parishes due to the remoteness from the central church and increasing needs for religious service. The Šentvid pri Stični pre-parish (mentioned as plebs in 1136) comprised the vicariates St. Martin (Šmartno pri Litiji), St. Giles (Višnja gora), St. Cosmas and Damien (Krka) and St. Margaret (Prežganje). Along with the Šentvid pre-parish, these came under the Stična Monastery in 1389. The St. Martin vicariate comprised the following succursal churches: St. George in Blečji vrh, St. Mohor and Fortunat in Liberga, St. George below the Poganek Castle, St. Nicholas in the Litija square, St. Cross in Brezje, St. Mary Magdalene in Gradišče, St. Peter in Vintarjevec, St. Anna in Jablanica, St. Benedict in Kresnice, St. Catherine in Breg, St. Mary in Javorje. The vicars were required to attend the synods summoned by the abbot of Stična. At the synods they reported on their work in the parishes and the state of religious life as well as paid the taxes imposed on the parishes and succursal churches.

From 1901 to 2000, a total of 7628 christenings and 4095 burials took place, which means the number of christenings exceeded that of burials by 3533.
The church has always wished for everyone to be christened in the home parish. It is also the wish of the church that every engaged couple should be married in the home parish; in the parish of the bride, as has been customary for centuries.
The burial, too, should take place in the home parish, as the deceased thus remain close to the living to be remembered in memory and prayer.

It is our wish for the 21st century and the second century of our parish church that our parish should see many new births and christenings, that many weddings would take place, and that every deceased would have a church burial.
In 1940, the Šmartno parish had 2900 inhabitants. In 1971 the number increased to 3158, and by 2000 the number amounted to 2754. Thus, the parish increased in the last 60 years by 854 inhabitants.

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