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Občina Šmartno pri Litiji
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1275 Šmartno pri Litiji

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E: info@smartno-litija.si

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Šmartno pri Litiji Primary School

Šmartno pri Litiji Primary School

Osnovna šola Šmartno pri Litiji
Pungrt 9
1275 Šmartno pri Litiji
T: (+386) 01/8900-160


In Šmartno pri Litiji, primary school was set up as early as 1665; the students of the then single class school were taught in the presbytery. Afterwards, school was organized in private houses, and, according to oral tradition, in the Pungart chapel, where children were taught by the monks. It was evident from the book of commendations destroyed during World War II that the school developed into a two-class school in 1853, and four years later one more class was added. In 1868, the dean of Šmartno Jožef Burger established the first parish school. Children were taught on the first floor of what is nowadays the sexton’s house in the Stare Square. As the number of students increased, the school soon reached overcapacity, and in 1875 a new school building began to be constructed opposite the church. The inauguration of the new school, which was expanded into a four-class school (one of the few in the Carniola Region), took place on 4th November 1876.

In 1926 the school already comprised six classes. Due to the strongly developed craft industry and farming in Šmartno and the surrounding area, a vocational continuation school was established in the school building in 1898, and from 1927 to 1931 a two-year farming continuation school was also organized. In 1941 the primary school consisted of seven classes. In the same year, the Germans replaced the Slovenian teachers with their own, and thoroughly examined the school and teachers’ libraries, which were in possession of around six hundred books. The school library was burned down, while the teachers’ library was moved to Kamnik and Kranj. Apart from the library, the Germans also destroyed the school archives.
After the war, a complete eight-year school was introduced. Due to the overcapacity of the existing school, the building of a new one was decided upon in 1958; the students first visited the new school in 1964. In the following years several extensions were added to the building. In 1991, the school got a new library and in 2003 an extension was built that enabled single shift and nine-year school. An important acquisition not only for the students but also for all the citizens is the swimming pool in the new part of the school.

The central school is attended by 497 students in 23 classes, while the three subsidiary schools (Velika Kostrevnica, Štangarske Poljane, Primskovo) are attended by a total of 80 students. Therefore, the entire school is visited by 577 students, who are taught by 45 teachers.
The school organizes various projects, workshops, exhibitions, and students work on research assignments. The students can choose among many extracurricular activities from the fields of science and mathematics, culture and sports. The school takes a particular interest in promoting sports, and wishes to provide the students with as varied sports education as possible. The Šmartno Primary School also boasts the organization of the now traditional Dnevnik’s School Team Cross-Country Run, which has attracted numerous participants from around Slovenia each year ever since 2000.

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