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Občina Šmartno pri Litiji
Tomazinova ul. 2
1275 Šmartno pri Litiji

T: (+386) 01/8962-770
F: (+386) 0590-97-480
E: info@smartno-litija.si

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08.00 - 12.00
13.00 - 15.00
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08.00 - 12.00
13.00 - 17.00
• Friday
08.00 - 13.00

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Local Communities in Šmartno pri Litiji Municipality

• LIBERGA LOCAL COMMUNITY, comprises the villages Liberga, Jelša and Preska nad Kostrevnico.
Coordinator: Vicenc Poglajen

• KOSTREVNICA LOCAL COMMUNITY, comprises the villages Bogenšperk, Dvor, Lupinica, Velika Kostrevnica and Mala Kostrevnica from house number 15 onwards.
Coordinator: Mitja Jesenšek

• VELIKA ŠTANGA LOCAL COMMUNITY, comprises the villages Koške Poljane, Račica, Mala Štanga and Velika Štanga.
Coordinator: Damjan Kastelic

• ŠTANGARSKE POLJANE LOCAL COMMUNITY, comprises the villages Dragovšek, Gozd-Reka, Jastrebnik, Ščit, Štangarske Poljane and Volčja Jama.
Coordinator: Franc Černe

• PRIMSKOVO LOCAL COMMUNITY, comprises the villages Primskovo, Dolnji Vrh, Gornji Vrh, Gradišče – c.m. Gradišče and Poljane, Ježce, Kamni vrh pri Primskovem, Mihelca, Mišji Dol, Poljane pri Primskovem, Razbore – c.m. Poljane del, Sevno, Stara Gora pri Velikem Gabru and Zagrič.
Coordinator: Janez Vidgaj

• RAZBORE LOCAL COMMUNITY, comprises the villages Ježni Vrh, Mulhe, Razbore – c.m. Ježni Vrh, Vinji Vrh, Višnji Grm and Obla Gorica.
Coordinator: Rok Berdajs

• JABLANIŠKA DOLINA LOCAL COMMUNITY, comprises the villages Bukovica pri Litiji, Cerovica, Gradišče pri Litiji, Jablaniške Laze, Jablaniški potok, Selšek, Spodnja Jablanica, Zgornja Jablanica and Gradiške Laze.
Coordinator: Nada Medvešek

• JAVORJE LOCAL COMMUNITY, comprises the villages Javorje, Leskovica nad Šmartnem and Vrata.
Coordinator: Jože Dolšek

Members of committe:
Rafael Pivec - president
Slava Murnc - secretary
Anton Berčon
Janez Trpin
Klemen Dragar

• VINTARJEVEC LOCAL COMMUNITY, comprises the villages Črni Potok, Podroje, Riharjevec and Vintarjevec.
Coordinator: Jože Šuštar

• ZAVRSTNIK LOCAL COMMUNITY, comprises the village Zavrstnik.
Coordinator: Alojz Anžur



At its 10th regular meeting, the municipal council of the Šmartno pri Litiji Municipality passed the Ordinance on the Establishment and Competence of Local Community Boards in the Šmartno pri Litiji Municipality. The ordinance was published in the Official Gazette of the Republic of Slovenia No. 16/04 and became effective on the day following the publication, i.e. 21st February 2004. In compliance with the Ordinance, the mayor summoned citizens’ meetings in all local communities, and invited the citizens to submit their proposals of the local community board members. The citizens’ meetings took place from 3rd March 2004 to 27th March 2004. In compliance with Article 63 of the Statute of the Šmartno pri Litiji Municipality, the meetings summoned require the presence of at least one third of the voters from the respective local communities to render valid the decisions made. Unfortunately, the meetings summoned failed to constitute quorums, and therefore, the citizens present were informed by the mayor that a coordinator would be appointed for each local community until the local community board was established.

As agreed, the mayor appointed the following coordinators:
local community: Dolšek Jože
Liberga local community: Poglajen Andrej
Kostrevnica local community: Jesenšek Mitja
Vintarjevec local community: Pipan Vinko
Zarstnik local community: Anžur Alojz
Velika Štanga local community: Kastelic Damjan
Štangarske poljane local community: Černe Franc
Razbore local community: Zadražnik Martin
Primskovo local community: Zadražnik Jože
Jablaniška dolina local community: Pintar Branko

In accordance with the mayor’s resolution, the coordinators are appointed for a fixed period of time – until the local community board has been established – and represent a bond between the local communities and the Šmartno pri Litiji Municipality. Should the citizens have any problems, they can refer to them.

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